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Local Sourcing from the Gulf of Mexico

We are committed to supporting the fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and offer a wide range of seafood items. Because we live, play, and work along the mighty Texas Gulf, we want to ensure the long-term health and viability of the marine species that call it home. We have long standing relationships with our supplier-partners out of the Gulf and work with them to ensure that their fleets are bringing our customers fish and shellfish that is caught in a sustainable manner.

Safety and Sustainability

H‑E‑B is committed to providing the freshest, safest, and most responsibly sourced seafood. We actively work with our suppliers to support continuous testing and traceability systems for our seafood products and rely on those results to help us make informed purchasing decisions. We source from well‑managed, science‑based fisheries, including those in ‘catch share’ programs. We also support fisheries that are committed to improving their environmental performance and have an action plan to reach that goal. The health and management of individual fisheries is considered in all of our sourcing decisions. To assure that we are supporting these goals we use Trace Register™ to gather information about species we sell every step along the way. We make sure that you are buying exactly what you expect.

H‑E‑B was also the first retailer in Texas to offer “Gulf Wild” red snapper at many of our stores. The “Gulf Wild” program provides real‑time tracking of Gulf of Mexico seafood beginning at the time it is caught, thereby ensuring the safety and authenticity of wild‑caught reef fish from the Gulf. Visit My Gulf Wild to learn more.


We sell responsibly—farmed seafood, meaning that fish and shellfish are grown under carefully controlled environments, with constant monitoring of growing conditions and production inputs. To help us make informed decisions, we work with the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), an international organization created to advance environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture and a safe supply of seafood to meet the food needs of the world’s growing population. We also buy farmed fish certified under the new Aquaculture Stewardship Council standards.


To better serve you, H‑E‑B Seafood Partners are educated on our responsible seafood commitment, proper care and cooking preparation, and can even offer recipe tips. In addition, you can find just the right recipes to suit every member of your family. See all seafood recipes.

Partnerships and Community Support

  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • The Global Aquaculture Alliance/Best Aquaculture Practices
  • Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
  • The Nature Conservancy of Texas
  • Coastal Conservation Association—Texas
  • National Fisheries Institute
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  • Texas State Aquarium


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