H-E-B’s South Flo pizza expands its offerings

Personal pizzas hit the menu and new flavors on the horizon

As the new year approaches, H-E-B’s South Flo Pizza continues to expand its services and evolve its offerings throughout the state. From updated menu items in the works to new happy hour specials, the eatery has plenty up its sleeve for 2019.

Most recently, the pizza joint rolled out 8-inch, personal-sized pizzas for $7, which are on the menu at all 11 locations. At half the size of the 16-inch pizzas, they are made to order and available in all the same flavors as the larger sizes. And with four slices in each, it’s enough for one person or to share as a quick bite.

Currently, happy hour specials involving the personal pizzas are not available but some are in the works and expected to roll out sometime early next year.

Speaking of happy hour, most of the South Flo pizza locations have expanded their beer selections and added wine options to the popular $10 daily special. For those who prefer vino, customers can order two glasses of wine for happy hour. Wine varietals available include Chardonnay, Cabernet and a red blend.

To go along with an already deliciously robust pizza menu, South Flo Pizza looks to offer additional flavors in the coming months. While there’s no exact release date for any new flavors, the lineup could include Buffalo Chicken featuring Frank’s Hot Sauce; Seven Pepper Vegetarian Pizza; traditional Margherita Pizza; the Kitchen Sink, which, like it sounds, has a little bit of everything; and an Impossible veggie option that includes Impossible meat crumbles. The veggie option is currently on menu as for personal pizzas at Oaks Crossing and Table 620 locations.

Launched in 2016, South Flo Pizza has 11 locations throughout Texas and conveniently provides quality pizza, made with the freshest ingredients, at an affordable price.

Throughout the year, South Flo Pizza offers discounts to SMS text message subscribers, which includes frequent $2 off coupons that can be applied to both large and personal size pizzas. To subscribe, text PIZZA to 23370. Plus, follow South Flo Pizza on Instagram and Facebook.

Click here for a list of South Flo Pizza locations.


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