World Record-Setting Dessert made with H-E-B Creamy Creations Ice Cream

We all know the tagline “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, that now applies to the world’s longest ice cream sundae, which was made with H-E-B’s Creamy Creations Ice Cream.

The far-reaching sundae was assembled as part of the annual Spirit of Texas Festival at Wolf Pen Creek Park in College Station on March 24. After all was said and done, the sundae stretched nearly a mile long, measuring in at 4,549 feet and 3.36 inches and securing the Guinness World Record for longest ice cream dessert. This record beat the previous mark by almost 1,000 feet.

As a title sponsor, H-E-B provided the ingredients for the Guinness World Record-breaking dessert, which included 500 gallons of Creamy Creations Texans Tackle Crackle ice cream, 2,000 cans of whipped cream, 225 bottles of chocolate and strawberry syrup, and roughly 20,000 cherries.

Thousands of spoon-wielding, bib-wearing festival goers with a serious sweet tooth dug into the treat, which was served in paper boats clipped together to form ice cream aqueducts. In all, participants polished off the treat in about 30 minutes. No stomach aches were reported.


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